Hello, World!

Dear reader,

welcome to my personal blog. I'm Spyros Zarzonis, an iOS Software Engineer, and an EECE undergraduate student from Larisa, Greece.

This is my first serious attempt to start and maintain a blog. Over the past 5 years, I learned so much from the online community that helped me achieve many of my goals as a professional and as a person, so I think it's my duty to give some of what I learned back to the community. On top of that, by trying to teach something to other individuals, it will also help me learn more. For example, creating this blog was a new challenge for me as I have little knowledge of managing servers and creating a website. This was an interesting experience, for which I plan to write all about in a future blog post.

I plan to write mostly about iOS Development but occasionally I'll write about more technologies. Right now, I don't have a schedule about how often I'll write new blog posts. I just plan to write as often as I can.

My target audience, at least at the beginning, mainly consists of individuals who now start to learn iOS Development and as I move forward, I plan to write about more advanced topics on iOS Development.

I highly encourage my readers to reach out to me by leaving a comment on each blog post. As I'm new to blogging myself, I'll be more than happy to hear your feedback and answer your questions.


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