About Me

My name is Spyros Zarzonis and I am an iOS Software Engineer and an EECE undergraduate student at the University of Thessaly. Currently, I am focused on getting my Bachelor degree from the university. In the past I've worked at Beat, Intelen Inc, CERTH, and RevdApp as an iOS Software Engineer.

I was born in 1995 in Larisa, Greece. My parents had a computer at home before I was born(a computer with an Intel i486 DX2 (which I still own by the way), so from a very young age I remember watching them working on the computer. Sometimes my father played video games with me (most of the times we played the original Prince of Persia). Since then, I expressed my interest in computers, so I learned how to use one in a very young age. My curiosity led me to learn how to put together a computer from the parts and soon I found myself helping people I knew with their computer problems. This was something I really enjoyed. During my middle school years, I got an Internet connection at home. This was a life-changing event for me. It revealed to me that there was an infinite amount of knowledge available, ready to be consumed. A few months later, I started to learn HTML on my own using materials I found on the Internet in order to develop simple websites. Around that time, Apple introduced the iPhone 3G and the App Store. Since then I knew that what I wanted to do in my life is to develop mobile applications that people will use in their everyday life. 3 years later I got my hands on a Mac computer and my journey as an iOS Engineer began.

However, it's not all about code. In my free time, I enjoy working out at the gym, playing guitar(classical and electric), watching movies and TV series and hanging out with friends.

If you are visiting this website from an iOS device or a Mac computer you can grab my digital business card here.